TH Huxley and the removal of his name from the College of the Environment.

As you know, up until this past year, WWU’s “College of the Environment” had been known as “Huxley College of the Environment” since it was founded in 1969. Last year, the WWU Board of Trustees made the decision to drop the Huxley name.

For those who are interested in learning more about this controversy, here are some relevant links:

Legacy Review Committee report and responses

Panda's Thumb article: Creationists and advocates of social justice unite to take down TH Huxley, a leader in educational inclusion


And, Imperial College in England, where TH Huxley was a faculty member, in response to the issues raised at WWU, considered removing Huxley’s name as well but decided against doing so, citing fabrication and disinformation that originated at WWU:

One article written just before the Imperial College decision

And one written just after the Imperial College decision


Finally, here is one detailed article about the Jamaica Committee which, as discussed in the Panda’s Thumb link above was a 19th century Black Lives Matter event in which TH Huxley participated:

Jamaica Committee


The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us that the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice. Each generation of social reformers travels a different segment of that arc, navigating by a moral constellation unique to their time and place in history. Huxley wasn’t perfect, but he brought himself and the rest of society to a more just place on that arc. We should celebrate his journey for making ours possible.….written by Dr. Steven Hollenhorst, former Dean here